Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

Vagamon and Periyar - An Ultimate Escape for Wanderlusts

Updated: 20-Oct-23 Vagamon and Periyar National Park sound like an exciting combo. Nestled on the border of Idukki-Kottayam districts in Kerala, Vagamon stands out as one of the finest hill stations in the region. Recognized by National Geographic Traveller in their list of the '50 most captivating places to visit in India,' this tranquil town on the Idukki side boasts picturesque landscapes. Vagamon is renowned for its superb vantage points, providing breathtaking views of the pristine surroundings and unforgettable sunset vistas. With its lush green landscapes and cool climate, Vagamon offers a refreshing retreat. The rolling hills and meadows make it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity.

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Top tourist attractions of Vagamon

1. Vagamon Pine Forest The Pine Forest in Vagamon is a captivating destination known for its tall pine trees that create a dense canopy, casting soothing shadows on the forest floor. Walking through the Pine Forest is a tranquil experience, with the crisp scent of pine in the air. The unique atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

2. Vagamon Lake The Vagamon Lake, nestled amidst the hills, is a serene water body that adds to the picturesque charm of the region. Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. The tranquil waters reflect the beauty of the landscape, creating a serene and calming environment.

3. Kurisumala Kurisumala, meaning 'Mountain of the Cross,' is a religious and trekking destination in Vagamon. Located atop the hill, this site showcases a statue of Jesus Christ cradling a cross. Pilgrims frequent this spot, particularly during the observance of Good Friday.

4. Thangal Para Thangal Para is a sacred site in Vagamon, significant to the Muslim community. It features the final resting place of Sheikh Fariduddin, a Sufi saint. The site offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys, making it not only a place of religious importance but also a vantage point for appreciating the breathtaking landscapes of Vagamon.

5. Marmala Waterfalls The Marmala Waterfall stands out as a primary attraction in Vagamon. It is a 131-foot waterfall surrounded by dense greenery. Initially hidden within a private estate, this waterfall remained relatively unknown until recent years. Now, rapidly gaining popularity, Marmala Waterfall has become a prominent destination, drawing increasing numbers of tourists to experience its unspoiled beauty in the heart of Vagamon.

Periyar National Park

Now, moving on to Periyar National Park, you're in for a wild ride, literally! The park is known for its diverse wildlife, including tigers, Indian bison, sambar deer, wild boars, and many more, along with various bird species. Spanning over 900 square km, the park is renowned for its rich biodiversity, encompassing dense forests, grasslands, and a vast artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam. The centrepiece of the park is the Periyar Lake, around which visitors can embark on a boat cruise, offering a unique opportunity to witness diverse wildlife. The park is also a tiger reserve, and while spotting these majestic predators is a rare treat, the overall experience is heightened by the chance encounters with an array of flora and fauna. Located in the Western Ghats of Kerala, the flora and fauna call for Jungle Safari Booking for Periyar to admire their existence. Both destinations offer a different yet complementary experience. From the serene hills of Vagamon to the thrilling wildlife encounters in Periyar, the trip ensures a blend of relaxation and adventure.