Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

Here’s the Best Way to Spot Tigers in Periyar National Park

By Tushar : [08/Apr/24] Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Western Ghats of Kerala, indeed attracts wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world due to its rich biodiversity and the opportunity to spot iconic species such as elephants and tigers.Periyar is renowned for its large population of Indian elephants. Visitors to the sanctuary often have the chance to observe these majestic animals in their natural habitat, particularly around water bodies where they come to drink and bathe.

Boat safaris on Periyar Lake offer excellent opportunities to witness elephants and other wildlife from a unique vantage point.While tiger sightings are less common compared to elephants, Periyar is home to a significant population of Bengal tigers. With its dense forests and abundant prey species, the sanctuary provides suitable habitat for these apex predators. Although spotting a tiger requires patience and luck, the possibility of encountering one adds to the thrill of exploring Periyar's wilderness. Here we describe how to be attentive and careful while on safari in Periyar National Park which will help you spot tigers in the natural habitat of the sanctuary.

Spotting tigers in Periyar National Park can be a thrilling yet challenging experience due to the elusive nature of these apex predators. However, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your chances of encountering tigers during your visit:


1. Always Prefer the Right Safari Time: Tigers are most active during the early morning and late afternoon when temperatures are cooler. Opt for safari timings that coincide with these periods such as early morning or late afternoon safaris as this increases your likelihood of spotting tigers as they move around in search of prey or water. This can be only traced with an expert naturalist who can tell you the exact safari time to go inside the jungle. See, it is a matter of fact that finding a tiger in their natural habitat is a very tedious affair. So you need to be very patient at this enthralling activity.

2. Ask our Expert for Choosing the Right Safari Route: Periyar National Park offers different safari routes, each with its own unique characteristics and wildlife sightings. Research and inquire about which routes have a higher probability of tiger sightings based on recent sightings and local knowledge. Your safari guide can provide valuable insights and recommendations regarding the best routes to maximize your chances of spotting tigers. For all such enthralling activity to be done the primary thing is Periyar Jeep Safari Booking which is quite mandatory to do a safari in the sanctuary.

3. Be Consistent and observe Prey Species: Keep an eye out for signs of tiger activity by observing the behavior of prey species such as deer, wild boar and langur monkeys. Alert calls or sudden movements among these animals may indicate the presence of a tiger nearby. Tigers often stalk their prey before making a kill so paying attention to the reactions of prey species can help guide your search.

4. Reach the Goal by Keeping Patience and Persistence: Tiger sightings require patience and perseverance, as these elusive cats are masters of camouflage and may be hidden within the dense vegetation of the forest. Be prepared to spend time scanning the landscape and waiting quietly in strategic locations where tiger sightings have been reported in the past. Avoid making loud noises or sudden movements that could startle tigers and other wildlife.

5. Utilize Your Binoculars and Cameras: Equip yourself with binoculars and cameras with telephoto lenses to enhance your ability to spot and capture distant wildlife sightings. Binoculars allow you to scan the forest canopy and undergrowth for subtle movements or shapes that may indicate the presence of tigers while telephoto lenses enable you to capture detailed photographs of wildlife from a safe distance. While spotting tigers in Periyar National Park requires patience, luck and the right timing.Following these tips can increase your chances of encountering these magnificent big cats during your safari adventure. Remember that wildlife sightings are never guaranteed, but the thrill of the search and the beauty of Periyar's natural landscapes make every safari an unforgettable experience.