Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

Periyar National Park group tour: the real reason to go

Updated: 05-Mar-23 Take a deep breath. See in your mind's eye a dream vacation destination. Palm trees are in bulk waving tenderly in the balmy gust. Is this what you are craving? What else would be more enjoyable than the daydream getaway to Periyar National Park? Exploring places and traveling in the land of a tiger is something we all love to do in our lives. The added charm would be when you decide on a vacation or a trip with friends and family. Some people can feel the tour by themselves, but some people opt for going out in a group. Such people like to go on a group tours. Touring in the jungle extracts the best from you when you are doing it together then the fun is at another level.

periyar group tour

The most beautiful and relaxing place in Kerala is one of the best destinations in India. Periyar is the place where you will enjoy raw nature and a wide range of visiting places or nearby places as well. We can go through some interesting places that Periyar National Park will make you live up to true to your personality.

Main Species You Got To See

Plenty of animals are going to delight your senses with their appearance such as the Indian tiger, Elephant, Sambar, Barking deer, Mouse deer, Indian wild dog, Gaur, Otter, Nilgiri Tahr, Wild Pigs, Nilgiri Langur, Common Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Striped- necked Mongoose, Sloth Bear, Travancore flying squirrel, and rare lion-tailed macaque.  If the above-mentioned is not sufficient there are more of the fauna and avifauna for your group to indeed feel best.

Jeep and Bus Safari to Periyar Jungle with advancement

All the species can be seen only through jungle safari rides. Taking a boat ride on the lake is one of the biggest attractions in this park. But there is Jeep and Bus safari also available for more options open to you. They are a great way to experience the park's beauty and you cannot come with despair as there must be wild animals coming across you. Wildlife intact will attract you and the density of the jungle from width to breadth will mesmerize you on the way through. Catching some glimpses of the animal is a very rewarding experience. Few animals will steal your heart and coming over this forest will not disappoint you.


This Periyar National Park is not very popular among tourists but Kerela is the main reason to be here. People come to this state with the hope of extending their vacation then they can think of covering the Periyar National Park. Kerela has many visitors on yearly basis and it is the most popular reason of being here in this park. Perfect for group tour. But do not forget to book in advance from our site if you are planning your trip to this beautiful landscape.