Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

Important Rivers of Periyar National Park

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periyar river

Popular Rivers of Periyar National Park:

1. Periyar River: The longest river in Kerala which covers an area of approximately 244 kilometres is the Periyar River. It is an artificially made river that was built by John Pennycuik. It is situated at the heart of the Periyar National Park. the beautiful river originated from the Sivagiri peak of the Western Ghats.

This mighty river is helping in providing a lifeline to numerous members of this national park. As this is the longest river in the national park which indicates that it is the longest water source for the fauna of the park, visitors can witness numerous animals near this river such as you can witness large herds of elephants, beautiful sambar deer, gaurs, etc. you can witness these creatures near the river because this is one of the water sources which they approach when they feel thirsty.

2. Mullayar River: This beautiful river is a tributary of the Periyar River which is popularly known as the Mullayar River. The amazing fact about this river is that it originates at one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats which is Kottamalai Peak. It is another watercourse in the amazing national park. This river dedicates a lot to keep this habitat lush green as it is. Its crystal-clear waters are home to several species of fish.

3. Pamba River: This river holds an important place in the heart of the people who live there. Pamba river which is situated in the southern boundary of Periyar National Park. Pamba River is well known as the Pampa River as well. It holds such importance in the heart of the people who live in Kerala because the river holds great religious and cultural importance and it is also believed to be the venue of the annual Ayyappa pilgrimage.

The story behind this is that the lord Ayyappan who is also known as Sri Dharmasastha appeared as a child on the banks of the Pampa River to the Pandalam Raja. the river is considered to be as holy as the Ganga River for the people of Kerala. It is surrounded by lush green grass which enhances the beauty of the river. The Pamba River offers visitors a beautiful spot to enjoy the view and relax.


The rivers in Periyar National Park are not just the beauty that lies in them but they play an important role in the lives of wildlife. These rivers not only provide an ideal habitat for flora and fauna but these are the primary source of water for the fauna living in this park. Every river has a uniqueness that gives the visitors a special and stunning experience. The peace that is offered by these watercourses is something else. You will feel near to nature while exploring these beautiful rivers.