Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

Galvanise Your Soul with a Trip to Thekkady

Updated: 1-May-23 Cradled in the lap of nature, Thekkady is the heart of Kerala in Idukki district. Haven for nature connoisseurs, the town derived its name from ‘Thekku’, meaning teak. Thekkady is full of teak trees everywhere. Your trip to Thekkady will usher you with countless experiences of wildlife safari, nature’s panoramic view, spending time in a houseboat, unique architecture and many more. It is a perfect destination for family and friends, as well as peace seekers and adventure lovers.

Book your retreat near Periyar national park to have a smooth local sightseeing trip to Thekkady.

trip to thekady

Day 1. Periyar National Park

You can reach Periyar through Kochi and Madurai airport, Kottayam railway station and from Kumily, if travelling by road.

Rich in biodiversity and scenic beauty, Periyar National Park is the abode of Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, Nilgiri langur, Indian giant squirrel and many more. Not only animals, the area is wrapped by the blanket of lush greenery everywhere. Do your Periyar Online Safari Booking in advance in order to secure your opportunity to experience the jeep safari, elephant safari and boat safari. Along with safari you can also enjoy the following activities -

• Cloud walk
• Night patrol
• Tiger trail
• Jungle camping
• Bamboo rafting
• Bullock cart ride
• Witnessing tribal dance

Being the most popular option among the tourists, it is better to wander Periyar on the very first day.

Day 2. Local Sightseeing

1. Kumily - Formerly known as Kuzhumoor, the place gives an idyllic countryside vibe. Kumily is rich in spice and tea plantations, and a prolific environment.

2. Kadathanadan Kalari Centre - A place of intrigue for the tourists, the centre is renowned for presenting Kalaripayattu, the traditional form of martial arts of Kerala. This age-old art form of self-defence practice is believed to be developed by sage Parashuram. The best time to visit this place is in the evening.

3. Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Centre - Take a guided stroll at the Green Park and get yourself acknowledged about the Ayurvedic herbs and spice plantations available there.

4. Elephant Junction - Get a lifetime experience at the Elephant Junction near Thekkady through elephant safaris. Sitting on their back roam in their natural habitat. You can also feed and bathe these gigantic yet innocent creatures.

Other places you can cover are-
1. Murikkady
2. Abraham’s Spice garden
3. Mullaperiyar Dam
4. Vandiperiyar
5. Mangala Devi Temple
6. Periyar Lake

Day 3. Local Sightseeing

1. Pandikuzhi - Situated between Chellarkovil and Tamil Nadu border, Pandikuzhi is a mesmerising hill station enclosed with dense frondescence. Here you will find a plethora of winding streams and waterfalls.

2. Parunthumpara Hill View Point - This romantic destination is a photographer’s paradise, alluring with the picturesque grassland, hiking trail and panoramic views.

3. Anakkara - A hamlet packed with lush greenery, Anakkara is a serene destination for peace lovers. Engage in paragliding and trekking activities, and shopping for spices and handicrafts.

4. Chellarkovil Viewpoint - The only activity here is to sit on the lap of nature and be the witness of the pristine beauty surrounding the viewpoint.

Other spots include -
1. Pullumedu
2. Vandamedu
3. Ramakkalmedu