Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

3 Handpicked destinations you cannot ignore in Kerala

Updated: 20-Mar-23 Kerala is a place surrounded by natural vegetation. This candid place attracts plethora of people from all over the globe. So it is better advised to have an exceptional round trip to Kerala. The following mentioned places will help you to plan your trip to this happening state.

There are many places that need special mention here in Kerala. You cannot afford to miss out those beautiful places all in all. All the places enlisted here deserve attention from the tourists.

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Munnar has the charming beauty as it is one of the handpicked hill stations. So if you are going then you are surely lucky to witness the untouched Munnar, Kerala. Munnar has good scope to bewilder the tourists. There are other candid places to travel around in Munnar starting from the hills to the Tiger reserves so, take my word this place will not fail to impress you.


A must try destination for your short vacay in Kerala. Yet another relaxing place in the state of Kerala that you can visit in Alleppey. This place is in particular known as Alappuzha. The backwater activity is something you cannot miss out surrounded with mouth-watering nature. You will also move by the ride in the houseboat. The place has lot of scope to make you wander.

Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is the place for adventurous people. You should visit when you are here to feel the gust of nature. Periyar is situated on the Kerala –Tamilnadu boundary which will make you cover wildlife in sanctuary protected area. You will experience the peaceful impressive beauty along with the enthusiasm amidst the backwoods of nature at this place. You will be lucky to have this place chosen.Those places shortlisted to cover when you are Kerala. There are other destinations as well which have all good sides but not mentioned here. Enjoy your Kerala getaway with friends and family.