Periyar National Park located in Kerala, India. The main attraction of the park is the Indian the elephants and the tigers.

3 Smart Ways to make your trip special in Periyar National Park

Updated: 15-Mar-23 Periyar National Park is a perfect home for famous wild animals such as Indian elephants, Bengal Tigers, and other attractive wild creatures. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Kerala state, southern India, in the south-central part of the state. The presence of Asian elephant herds now and then 50 in number in the park is indeed welcoming things to observe in the park. There is an abundant things to do in the park even one day can be sufficient for touring all around the Periyar jungle. But if you are a fan of the planned tour then you must take your time off at least for 2 days so that nothing you would regret about later.


Also, there are ample things you are not aware of so you must know.  Things to do in Kerela make it a favorite destination for all globetrotters. Periyar, being a part of this beautiful state has many edges and has a close resemblance to the woodlands.  You cannot ignore the key attraction of the park and once you are here you will realize that you are going right in choosing this time your tour place.

Flora and Fauna

The jungle's richness lies in flora and fauna. You feel blessed when you come over here to witness the beautiful all living being in the wilderness.

Rich Flora: Periyar flora deserves special mention. Here you will find tamarind trees, rosewood trees, sandalwood trees, and jamun trees; among many others. Agricultural plantations of coffee, tea, and cardamom are also available here.

periyar tiger
buffalo in periyar

Wild Fauna: Being at Periyar Tiger Reserve, you can also witness Bengal tigers and Indian elephants here among others. More often you can also spot Nilgiri langurs, wild pigs, Nilgiri Tahrs, and so on.

Avifauna: Avifauna is here to cherish your memories. Periyar National Park is a wealth for bird lovers as well. You will come across Malabar grey hornbill, blue-winged parakeet, Nilgiri wood pigeon, and Sri Lankan frogmouth are a few surrounded by the birds that dwell in this national park. Other key attractions cannot be ignored such as jungle safari in the form of jeep safari and boat safari.

Periyar Jeep & Boat Safari

Jeep safari and Boat Safari in Periyar need proper planning otherwise if slots will be booked then you will not receive any safaris if not done online booking in advance. There is the medium that gives the forest a feel freshly so safaris are the gem experience in the forest.

Periyar Lake 

This bookmarked landmark of the national park is legendary and one of the most appealing lakes in Kerala. The lake is full of beauty and ideal place for witnessing wildlife from the closest proximity.